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Cách lắp đặt cuộn màng PVC vào Máy Ép vỉ

As the Blister Machine running, the changing of forming material is very frequent, for more convenient and efficient changeover of PVC, this Blister Machine set up two forming material reel stations, the outer① and  inner material reel station.
During the Blister Machine running, the outer material reel will become small in diameter, then put the small reel in inner material station, put the new PVC reel in the outer material station for standing by.
By loosen Fast-fixed screw⑧ to adjust Fixing ring⑨ to change the PVC reel location.
Equipped with a sensor, when forming material run out or broken a alarm will be raised, the Blister Machine will stop automatically.
If using PVDC as forming material please make sure the gummed side is upward for sealing with alum foil.