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Cách thay thế Trạm định hình nhiệt – Trạm định hình nguội trong Máy Ép vỉ

Changeover between thermoforming and cold-forming station in DPP series Blister Machine.
The standard of our Blister Packing Machine is equipped with thermoforming station. When customer need to produce cold-forming blister packaging, they need to purchase change parts and cold-forming mould from our company. The way to install the change parts for cold-forming are as following:
1.Install Eccentric wheel case (3)
Connect the Eccentric wheel case (3) with the camcase (7) by the four screw on small column (28). The eccentric wheel case (3) was already equipped with eccentric wheel (1), connecting rod (4) and small column (28).
2.Change forming column (9.2)
Remove the thermoforming-forming cover plate (14.1) and thermoforming-forming column (9.1), then install the cold-forming column (9.2).
3.Install tie rod (26)
To insert the tie rod (26) through the camcase(7) from up to bottom, fix the two tie rod with the connecting-rod (4).
4.Install the lower forming mould (18)
Use the hand barring gear to run the blister machine to its highest position (the forming cam at highest position), remove the thermoforming-forming lower mould from the lower mould guide plate (23). Put on the baseboard (10), forming lower mould (18) and pressing plate (12). To insert the positioning pin (19) into the press plate and forming lower mould to make sure the lower mould position is aligned with press plate, fix the forming lower mould by screw, then take the positioning pin (19) out.
5.Install the upper forming mould
Install punches (16) on the pressing plate (12) one by one then put the forming cover plate (14.2), the connect the forming cover plate with the tie rod (26). To adjust the height position of the forming cover plate can change the forming depth of the blister pocket, we will talk about the adjusting at next page. 
6.Installing chain 29:
To connect the main spline shaft (27) and shaft (30) by chain. When install the chain, need to adjust and correct the eccentric wheel’s angle position with the forming cam, make sure when the forming cam drive the forming lower mould (18) up to touch the press plate(12), the eccentric wheel will drive the forming punches (16) down to elongate the aluminum film and form the blister properly. 
The schematic diagram of DPP series Blister Machine’s thermoforming and cold-forming station.