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Cách thay thế cuộn màng định hình trong Máy Ép vỉ

Some of our Blister Machine are equipped with an integrated forming material splicer to enhance efficiency during material replacement.

1 & 6. Right & lift side orientation cylinder valve
By turning these two buttons at horizontal position, the cylinders will rivet the forming material PVC.
2. Forming material PVC location adjusting screw
By loosen these screws can adjust the location of forming material.
3. Handle of cutter
You can Clipping the forming material PVC by push down this handle. After cutting leave the cutting board 4 at standing position.
4. Cutter baseboard
Cutter is fixed under the cutter board, when the Blister Machine is running, the cutter board should be at standing position. 
5. Cutter
When the Blister Machine run out the forming material PVC, please replace new material, let the new and old material be overlapped, turn right & lift side orientation cylinder valve at horizontal position, let cylinders to rivet the two layers of the forming material PVC, push down the cutter, after clipping use adhesive tape to connect the old and new pvc, lastly turn cylinder valve at vertical position. After the material replacement you run the Blister Machine again.
The schematic diagram of the Blister Machine’s forming material splicer