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The importance of machine vision technology in pharmaceutical industry

Food safety matters a great deal while pharmaceutical safety is a matter of life and death. Pharmaceutical detection is intended to prevent unqualified pharmaceuticals going into the market and guarantee pharmaceutical safety. Pharmaceutical detection involves multiple respects-pharmaceutical quality, composition, adverse drug reaction, routine detection, physico-chemical detection, pharmaceutical safety and pharmaceutical defect, etc. The application of pharmaceutical detection equipment will save traditional detection methods by eyes, nose and hand, delivering a more scientific and precise result. So the use of advanced detection equipment is meaningful for pharmaceutical detection. 
The detection result is a key performance indicator for pharmaceutical detection equipment as well as the core competitiveness of equipment. So pharmaceutical detection equipment manufacturers need to boost technological R&D to make it easier to use, faster and more precise. Thanks to continuous development of science and technology, current pharmaceutical detection equipment has technologically improved a lot. For example, dedicated metal detector for pills developed by Shanghai Detection Technology Co., Ltd. has two operating frequencies, so appropriate frequency will be automatically chosen according to product information; it adopts LCD touch screen control, realizing button-free operation; with self-learning, the detector store the information of 100 products; as it is highly sensitive to foreign bodies, it is suitable for detecting metal foreign bodies in tablets and capsules. 
With rising demands for higher-quality pharmaceuticals, enterprises also require more advanced pharmaceutical detection equipment. Currently, enterprises are vying to eliminate any possible slight defect. Sometimes, it is impossible for human eyes to quickly measure micro sizes, match shapes and identify colors in a continuous and stable manner, even physical quantity sensor fails to do that. Then people begin to bring into the robot vision technology the speediness, reliability and repeatability of the computer.  
Food and medicine are closely related to human health. If pharmaceutical quality threatened human life, it would be disastrous. So all pharmaceutical firms, especially the world-renowned ones attach great importance to the whole production process of pharmaceuticals and later packaging process. Machine vision technology is vitally useful in the production and packaging process of food and medicine, ranging from blister packaging, liquid bottling to sealing, labeling, marking to box detection. 
With the state’s stricter supervision over pharmaceutical safety and unannounced inspections, pharmaceutical detection equipment will embrace huge opportunity. Enterprises should seize the chance, scale up technological strength and further increase detection efficiency to make the equipment irreplaceable in pharmaceutical detection. Under this circumstance, automation has become an inevitable trend for pharmaceutical machine industry, so pharmaceutical detection equipment also needs to be automated and intelligent for more precise and efficient operation.
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